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Wave 2 Grants Have Been Awarded
Decatur County United Fund, Decatur County Community Foundation, Mayor Marsh, and Rick Nobbe lead a countywide collaboration to assist nonprofits providing health and human services affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This WAVE 2 COVID-19 $76,722 grant was made possible through a partnership between Indiana United Ways with funding provided by Lilly Endowment Inc.

COVID-19 Economic Relief Initiative Grant 

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WAVE 1 of COVID-19 Economic Relief Initiative grants of $150,000 was successfully granted to 17 Decatur County agencies to provide resources and supplies, additional staffing and technology needs, to address food insecurity, and much more.

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Grant Awarded to Hospital Foundation

The Decatur County United Fund has awarded $13,785 in grants through the $150,000 COVID-19 Economic Relief Initiative Grant. The Hospital Foundation of Decatur County has been granted $13,785 to allow for the training of four individuals to become on-going trainers of Mental Health First Aid and then to train 70 community members in Mental Health First Aid. These resources will impact the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of children, families, and communities. Read more.

Listed below are the other Wave 1 COVID -19 Economic Relief Initiative Grant recipients.

Wave 1 COVID-19 Economic Relief Initiative Grant Recipients --- a total of $150,000 was awarded

  • 6/2020  Community Healthcare Clinic $10,000 for additional advertising and promotional materials to share services for the uninsured or underinsured.

  • 6/2020  Carousel Play and Learn Center $10,000 for the hiring of two teachers and two additional assistants to help meet CDC guidelines.

  • 6/2020 Decatur County Family YMCA $10,000 for hiring three additional staff members for summer and fall break camps and to meet CDC guidelines.

  • 6/2020 Greensburg Community High School $10,000 to hire an RN to serve Greensburg High School to do wellness screenings for students and staff due to the demand of COVID-19.

  • 6/2020 Meals on Wheels $8,000 to cover the cost of meals for clients who are unable to pay.

  • 7/2020 Bread of Life $9,094 to hire a kitchen assistant to help meet the demands of meals during the pandemic.

  • 8/2020 St. Mary's School $9,000 to hire a CNA Nurse Position to help with CDC guidelines.

  • 8/2020 Girls Inc. $5,000 for an additional facilitator to support virtual classes in the schools.

  • 9/2020 Girl Scouts $1,633 for Safe Start Troop Kits with personal protection equipment for each troop in Decatur County.

  • 9/2020 Greensburg School Corporation $6,810.25 to purchase water bottle filling stations and three plastic bag sealing machines to meet CDC guidelines.

  • 9/2020 Greensburg Community Bread of Life $5,000 for ingredients for food preparations and food boxes for the hungry.

  • 9/2020 Advocates for Children $6,940 for masks, sanitizer, air purifiers, and portable laptops to meet CDC guidelines and virtual meeting needs.

  • 10/2020 Summit Microsystems $6,054 for United Fund (part of our grant admin fee) computer updates to maintain virtual meetings and communication with funded partners.

  • 11/2020  Legal Aid $1,485 for one laptop to allow for working remotely during the pandemic.

  • 12/2020 Children's Advocacy Center $8,100 for IT equipment, telephones, and the purchase of software to access Children's Health services with the online platform to conduct virtual visits.

  • 2/2021 Lifeline Wesleyan Church $10,000 for technology upgrades for the church's Life Center to address resources for low-income children and families.

  • 2/2021 Decatur County United Fund $1,446 to cover salaries to administer this grant.

  • 3/2021 American Red Cross $8460 for antibody testing and two blood drives in Decatur County.

  • 4/2021 Champions of Youth $2,047 for computer, scanner, printer, and Office Standard to allow remote meetings for one-on-one conversations with mentors and volunteers.

  • 4/2021 New Directions $7,146 for Hepa Air Purifiers, filters, washer and dryer, a dishwasher, and desktop computer to better serve clients and maintain the safety of clients.

  • 5/2021 Decatur County Hospital Foundation $13,785 to train four individuals in Mental Health and then to train 70 community members in Mental Health First Aid.

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