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Guardian Circle

We acknowledge the following donors for their generous support in 2022.

Special recognition to our Guardian Circle members for their generous campaign contributions totaling $123,574.

Double Platinum

                 ($10,000 and above)                  

Malcolm and Rebecca Myers

Platinum ($5,000—$9,999)

Chris and Stephanie Bower

Archie and Sharon Brown

Tom and Suzanne Horan

Rick and Mary Johnson 

Mary Miers -

(In Memory of David Miers)

Gold ($2,000—$4,999)

John and Adele Corya

Andy and Peggy Dudley

Kevin Koehne

Micah and Mandy Lohrum

Chris and Jayne McCleland

Mary and Harry McCullough

Jim and Susan Stewart

Stephen M. Stone

Dr. Steven and Mary Stradley

Jere' Sturges

Joe and Anne Westhafer

Silver ($1,000—$1,999)

Sue Auffenberg

Amy Bray

Carol Crowe

Sally and Michael Cuskaden

Travis Dimett

David and Barb Elder

John L. Evans

Dennis and Joyce Fogle

Doug Fry

Steve and Janet Gunn

Donald L. Hedrick

Brandy Hodges

Robert and Norma Hoptry

Tom and Lori Hunter

Bob and Suzi Johannigman

Shane Lugo

Kim Mayo

Mark Maze

Alan and Kathryn Meyer

Paul and Sarah Nahmias

Blake and Amy O’Mara

Cara Phillips

Michelle Sackett

Dustin Sullivan

Daryl and Carol Tressler

Nick and Melissa Wallpe

David and Linda Weigel

Eric Wesseler

Scott and Candi Wesseler

​Tim and Lora Williams


Bronze ($500—$999)

Wayne and Lynne Amrhein

Eric Berkemeier

Charles Bockover

Doug and Becky Bohman

Bruce and Kathi Corya

Dale and Sharon Crites

Gary and Joane Cunningham

Ross and Susan Davis

Bob and Diane Dawson

Karla Dilk

Mike Edwards

Trudy Ewing

Mary Faris

Wade Farr

Harley Forsey

Mollie Fry

Dennis Gambill

Jason Gindling

Robert E. Gross

Kristol Hadler

Scott and Jessica Hadler

Philip Hamilton

Candiss Kennedy

Treasa Hempstead

Brandy Hodges

Scott Holloway

Kipper Hull

Jonathan Jutte

Sariina Kalli

Catherine Keck

Cathy Keeton

Elizabeth Kennelly

Leedi Lair

Suzanne Little

Jeff and Charlotte Ludlow

Steve Maze

Tony McLaughlin

Rheadawn Metz

Brandon Meyer

Joe and Valorie Moorman

Chuck Morton

Christopher Mosier

Bill and Darci Myers

Irma O’Connor-Hill

Tony Owens

Ed and Margaret Parker

Angie Reynolds

Megan Schaefer

Joyce Schoenbine

Jenny Simon

William O. Smith

Diana Springmier

Rachel Sullivan

Glenn and Laura Tebbe

James E. Tichenor

Ronnie Tuley

Linda Volk

Brian Wenning

Jake White


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