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Who We Are

The Decatur County United Fund is working to create the kind of community we all want to live in. Where every child graduates and achieves their dreams, where every person has a good job that allows them to fully provide for their family, and where every family is stronger because they are healthy. 

We work to improve the quality of life in our community by engaging people and organizations to advance education, income, and health outcomes for all.

We invite you to join us. Together, united, we can inspire hope and create a better future for everyone that calls Decatur County home.

That's what it means to be UNITED.


Meet Our Staff

Joane Cunningham

Joane Cunningham

Executive Director

Mary Pat.jpg

Mary Pat Brown


Katrina Hawkins prof pic.jpg

Katrina Hawkins

Administrative Marketing Assistant

Supporting Decatur County Through Your Donation 

Memorial Gifts - a thoughtful remembrance of a loved one.


Tribute Gifts - celebrate and honor someone special in your life.


Holiday Giving - annual holiday giving is a wonderful way to celebrate the season while supporting your local community.


Estate Gifts - legacy giving is available to support your financial, tax, and estate planning goals.


Annual Campaign - you and your company can participate while becoming a community leader.

Make Your Consideration to Give Today

When you give directly to United Fund, you are supporting a network of partners that are addressing complex needs families face today. 

Give by mailing or dropping check off at our office or donate online using the Give Now button below. 

Decatur County United Fund connects people to solutions to build a stronger community.


individuals achieve their potential through education.


 families become financially stable and independent.


people lead healthy and productive lives.

Financial Accountability

Decatur County United Fund is in good standing as an independent 501 (c) 3 governed by a volunteer board representing the best interests of Decatur County.  

EIN #35-1046461

  • How Does the Decatur County United Fund Work?
    Since 1957, Decatur County United Fund continues to enrich our community by addressing local priorities and focusing on the building blocks of opportunity: health, education, and financial stability. As a leader, funder, and collaborator, the Decatur County United Fund partners with more than 18 local nonprofits on programs and initiatives addressing basic needs and services: food, housing, domestic violence, abuse, literacy, mentoring, advocacy and more. ​Creating lasting change requires focusing on these human and social service needs while simultaneously addressing root causes. Decatur County United Fund conducts an annual county-wide campaign that raises funds from individuals, employment campaigns and businesses. The funds are then distributed to non-profit agencies who serve Decatur County residents.​
  • How are Funds Distributed?
    The Decatur County United Fund Community Investment Committee, which consists of United Fund Board and non-board volunteers, reviews grant applications from agencies requesting funding in Decatur County. The Community Investment Committee makes those recommendations to the United Fund Board of Directors on how dollars should be spent. The group carefully reviews community needs and bases funding on the most critical needs, paying careful attention to programs which will utilize United Fund donations most efficiently and effectively.
  • Why give to United Fund instead of directly to charity?
    United Fund connects donors to nonprofit organizations that would have a tough time doing it on their own. Most charitable organizations have under $100,000 in assets which means that they don't have marketing budgets or even fundraising budgets. ... United Fund makes it easy for donors to support local nonprofits.
  • Why is my gift important to United Fund?
    Gifts to United Fund bring together business, government, education, and social services to address the most pressing community needs for the long term. Your gifts create a bridge for those who need a little help toward a better future for themselves and their children. Your gifts inspire others to do more.
  • Where does the money go?
    The Decatur County United Fund goes through a yearly allocation/grant process. Any agency who is a 501(c) 3 (not-for-profit) may request an application for funding. Each application is reviewed based upon its ability to meet a need in the community. For the year 2024, the United Fund will be funding 16 agencies, that for the most part, will receive checks quarterly. The list of agencies being funded are under Partner Agencies.
  • What does Allocations (Community Investment) mean?
    Allocations is the process of allocating funds to agencies that have applied for funding. From the budget and the campaign goal, a dollar figure will be set for the Community Investment Committee to disperse funds among the agencies requesting support. The Community Investment Committee studies all grant applications and recommends to the board the programs to be funded. The board will then review the recommendation and at the May board meeting and approve funding for the following year.
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